Coach Transmitter and Mic

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Updated Pricing to reflect tariff charges per unit of $3.00

    • Each Coach Transmitter and Mic comes a with charging cord and headset microphone (not pictured).   Every pool site can have up to 12 transmitters/mics on deck, directing up to 12 groups of an unlimited number of any MySwimEars version.  This twelve channel Coach Mic reaches every headset from all corners of a long course pool, and reaches your athletes up to 1.5 meters underwater.   Each channel resides on a unique color displayed on the Coach Mic.
    • Coaches can instruct swimmers to change channels (colors), and those swimmers can select that new color to hear that particular coach.   This allows easy transfer of a group of kids for their instruction. You can reach an unlimited number of MySwimEars with just one microphone, all using the same channel.  
    • Twelve Channels. Now you can broadcast on 12 different channels (matching the MySwimEars versions).  Meaning you can have 12 practice groups, or more channel space while warming up at swim meets.  The Original MySwimEars offered 7 channels.  Both versions will receive those original 7 channels, so the units are forward and backwards compatible.  You can mix and match, while using across the same 7 channels!
    • Audible Channel Change Announcements. When a coach change channels, they will hear what channel they changed too.  Eliminating the need to.
    • As always, all of our products come with a one year warranty.
    • All orders are now a la carte.  Meaning, choose the number of headsets your team needs, and what version you want, and the discounts are already applied!  We knew you wanted it Easy-Peasy!