With MySwimEars I can make mid-pool adjustments and stay in the conversation until we get what we want.

 For the younger swimmers, MySwimEars easily brings sanity to practices. Where coaches can spend less time gathering swimmers and more time instructing them.

 With MySwimEars I'm able to give dynamic, real-time feedback to anyone at any time.

With MySwimEars I use my words and they respond with their bodies. And I can reinforce what they're doing.


Using MySwimEars to teach the fundamental position of breaststroke, the Spear W. 


Using MySwimEars to teach the fundamental positions of sculling.


 Give seamless individual instruction with MySwimEars.


Wearing the MySwimEars headset.


Give instruction from across the pool with MySwimEars.


Changing MySwimEars channels on the fly.