MySwimEars Complete

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Introducing our newest model MySwimEars Complete! 

(photos coming soon!)

Our newest model using the same technology as previous models, and now with a more snug fit and slimmer profile, for better performance and comfort.  It can receive 12 channels from our Coach transmitters, each snap on magnetic charging and compact travel case.  


  • Complete Headsets work with previous headsets and transmitters, simply include them with your current stock!
  • The fit is snug and comfortable with or without goggles.
  • A carrying case comes with each Complete headset to protect the unit during transport to and from swim practice.
  • The Complete headset comes with an 18 month warranty.
  • Individual volume control. Swimmers can adjust the volume on their headset for better comfort during use.
  • Snap-On Magnetic Charging. Just ‘snap’ the charging cable to the underside of the headset. It's easy for young users to tell that the charger is connected and charging.
  • External Charging Components. Charging takes place outside of the headset using non-corrosive connectors. The completely enclosed unit allows for longer durability using stronger material.
  • Longer-lasting battery per charge.
  • Better sound. The sound on the Complete unit are the best yet. More crisp and clear than previous models.
  • Twelve Channels. Continue to receive 12 different channels matching our previous Coach Transmitters. Plug and play with your existing stock of MySwimEars. 
  • Audible Channel Change Announcements. When swimmers change channels, they will hear what channel they changed too. Eliminating the need to guess or remove the headset to match up with their coach.
  • Reset Button. Used for troubleshooting on site, connect with Kerry for more information.
  • All orders are now a la carte. Meaning, choose the number of headsets your team needs, and what version you want, and the discounts are already applied!  We knew you wanted it Easy-Peasy!