MySwimEars v2.0

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MySwimEars v2.0 were designed to our specifications, and we are excited to share what is new!  Quantities Limited!

  • Individual volume control. Now the users can adjust the volume on their headset for better comfort during use.
  • Clip-On Magnetic Charging. Now charging takes place outside of the headset, allowing a completely enclosed unit for longer durability using stronger material.  Just ‘clip’ the charging cable to the underside of the headset, and its as easy as that.  Its hassle free and uses non-corrosive connectors
  • Larger Conduction Pad. Now a larger, externally placed pad for better comfort and easier listening.
  • Twelve Channels. Now you can receive 12 different channels (matching the Coach Mic v2.0).  Meaning you can have 12 practice groups, or channel space while warming up at swim meets.  The original MySwimEars offered 7 channels.  Both versions will receive those original 7 channels, so the units are forward and backwards compatible.  You can mix and match, while using across the same 7 channels!
  • Audible Channel Change Announcements. When swimmers change channels, they will hear what channel they changed too.  Eliminating the need to guess or remove the headset to match up with their coach. 
  • Reset Button. Used for troubleshooting on site, connect with Kerry for more information. 
  • More Durable Construction.  With the magnetic charging, we were able to create a product we feel will last longer through enclosing the most import parts!
  • As always, all of our products come with a one year warranty.
  • All orders are now a la carte.  Meaning, choose the number of headsets your team needs, and what version you want, and the discounts are already applied!  We knew you wanted it Easy-Peasy!