Who We Are

Megan Oesting knows swimming.  A frequent presence at USA Swimming camps and coach clinics, Oesting is used to sharing her knowledge about swimming.  A former UCLA All-American swimmer and national champion water polo player, her career includes Pan Am Games medals, USA Swimming and Masters number one rankings and Hall of Fame inductions.  With this passion for swimming, her dream is to truly bring access to learning in the water to everyone whether through learn-to-swim programs, elite competition teams, triathletes, or special needs groups throughout the world.  

In her experience coaching and teaching, Megan identified a major barrier:  the communication divide between teacher and student. The biggest teaching obstacle in swimming is the delayed, intermittent feedback that leaves coaches mute and swimmers alone for most of their time together.

After years of inquiry and exploration, Megan started coaching with MySwimEars.  She uses MySwimEars in private lessons, clinics, camps and swim teams. The results have been phenomenal.  Swimmers improve at a rate far beyond expected norms because they are being coached for the entire practice, not just the times they AREN’T swimming.  They thrive with the interactive communication that lets the coach support the swimmer throughout their time together.

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Increased coach engagement

“The biggest advantage that we saw with our staff was the coaches' engagement in the workout and with the athletes increased dramatically when the coach was using MySwimEars."

Tim Teeter, Director and Head Coach SET Swim Team

Improved legal swims and best times

"We just had a big meet...I coach the littles and 93% legal swims out of 210 and 88% best times!! I attribute it to MySwimEars!! Thank you 🙏 thank you!! ”

Rhonda Stouder, Developmental Coach, Billingham Bay Swim Team

Affordable for most budgets

"It is affordable for most budgets, easy to use, easy to store and is a tremendous assistant coach. You can actually give instruction to all lanes or select groups or individuals. What a fantastic product!"

Jim Voss, Retired Men's Swim Coach, Washington High School, Cedar Rapids

More time for feedback

"Love the fact that you can save your voice as a coach by not yelling, and that you can give feedback over a length instead of in their 6 seconds of rest between finishing and pushing off again."

Kristin Hill, Athletic Director, Cole Valley Christian School

Swimmers love them

"I used mine during a LC meet warm up with our 'littles' and ran from the side of pool instead of being stuck behind the block. Was super cool and the swimmers loved them!"

Dusti See, Head Coach, Montgomery Aquatic Race Club