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Megan Oesting knows swimming.  A frequent presence at USA Swimming camps and coach clinics, Oesting is used to sharing her knowledge about swimming.  A former UCLA All-American swimmer and national champion water polo player, her career includes Pan Am Games medals, USA Swimming and Masters number one rankings and Hall of Fame inductions.  With this passion for swimming, her dream is to truly bring access to learning in the water to everyone whether through learn-to-swim programs, elite competition teams, triathletes, or special needs groups throughout the world.  

In her experience coaching and teaching, Megan identified a major barrier:  the communication divide between teacher and student. The biggest teaching obstacle in swimming is the delayed, intermittent feedback that leaves coaches mute and swimmers alone for most of their time together.

After years of inquiry and exploration, Megan started coaching with MySwimEars.  She uses MySwimEars in private lessons, clinics, camps and swim teams. The results have been phenomenal.  Swimmers improve at a rate far beyond expected norms because they are being coached for the entire practice, not just the times they AREN’T swimming.  They thrive with the interactive communication that lets the coach support the swimmer throughout their time together.

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“There have been very few technological advances that have the immediate and lasting impact that MySwimEars have had on my team. They progress twice as fast and learn twice as much.” 

Kyle Hastings, Head Coach Ransom Everglades

"Loving MySwimEars! Swimmers are responding and it is having a huge impact on all of our athletes. The ability to make immediate technique adjustments is crucial.  Talking strategy and just plain communicating details while they continue to swim is a Game Changer!”

Dan Jacobs, Owner and Head Coach Machine Aquatics

"Using these is life-changing. I never realized how much energy it took to constantly be yelling, repeating myself and frustrated that I couldn't connect with more kids at the same time. This has allowed me to stay calm and further explain things while they are pushing off the wall."

Nick Chevalier, Head Coach WEST Coast Aquatics

"My athletes have loved the MySwimEars and enjoy the instant feedback and also love that they can listen to music during their swims. I believe this will be the next step in the sport of swimming. Megan and Kerry have found a way to advance the sport and I truly believe in this product!"

Joey Garcia, Assistant Head Coach Mission Viejo Nadadores

I just coached my first practice (masters swimmers) with MySwimEars. I never want to coach 'normally' again. BEST. THING. EVER. THANK YOU!

Joe Denton, Coach San Francisco Tsunami Swimming and Synchro